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We're currently developing more dApps.. 

Apart from our first dApp which is an NFT staking dApp already live and running on Polygon Mainnet, we plan to launch other dApps in our ecosystem sprouting more utilities for ASROB in Staking, lending and borrowing, purchasing gaming assets, burn to redeem, delegation and more!

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What is $ASROB Token

Learn what the AstroShib Token (ASROB) is, and what it can be used for with 0% Tax

The ASROB token is an ERC20 token. it is the utility and governance token for the AstroShib Ecosystem. The ASROB token primary utility is within the Astroshib ecosystem. If you want to use services provided by AstroShib, you will have to pay in ASROB tokens. Much like you use ETH within the Ethereum ecosystem. The ASROB  token is deployed on the Polygon blockchain with a risk free and securely audited ERC20 token smart contract provided by our web3 framework partner Thirdweb.

Add $ASROB to your Metamask wallet using the details available here 

Does ASROB Tokens Have Utility  

Yes. $ASROB tokens can already be used as minting fee to pay for minting an NFT from our very own NFT Collection via the mint page. Currently, ASROB also serves as staking reward to incentivize our NFT staking dApp users every minute for staking their NFTs. Additionally, holding ASROB tokens will be a prerequisite for ecosystem and cross-chain partnerships products airdrops. 

Alternatively, anyone can own an AENC NFT by purchasing it directly on our Opensea NFT page as this will be the only way to own an NFT from our collection when all NFTs have been fully minted with ASROB from our NFT mint contract.

What is the Presale Cross-Chain Airdrop

PCCA is an exciting cross-chain reward system which we have implemented to reward all contributors during the AstroShib (ASROB) presale. ASROB (BSC version) will be airdropped on the BSC mainnet to everyone who buys ASROB (polygon version) during the presale on Pinksale. So, you're basically buying ASROB on one chain and also getting ASROB tokens on the other chain with a bonus multiplier. Snapshots will be taken at the end of the presale to determine all participating wallets eligible to receive ASROB on BSC.

The reward allocation for every contributor will vary depending on the amount of ASROB bought and the "Bonus multiplier" attached to it. The bonus multiplier increases as you buy more tokens, further encouraging early participation. The bonus tiers are as follows:



Total Supply


Token Network


Token Name


Token Symbol





$ASROB is the first crypto offering PCCA rewards to presale investors

How to Buy ASROB Tokens

Step 1: Create a Wallet

To buy tokens from PinkSale, you'll first need a wallet that supports Polygon Network tokens. We recommend using MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


Step 2: Get some MATIC

Before you can buy tokens on PinkSale, you'll need to have some MATIC in your wallet. You can buy MATIC on a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, KuCoin or Coinbase, or you can simply  swap other cryptocurrencies for MATIC on a decentralized exchange like QuickSwap or Uniswap.


Step 3: Go to PinkSale

Visit our PinkSale presale page and connect your Polygon wallet. You can do this by clicking the 'Connect Wallet' button on the top right of the page and selecting your wallet provider from the list ( Polygon ).

Step 4: Buying your desired Amount

Once you've connected your wallet, enter the amount of MATIC you want to spend and click the 'Buy Now' button. Follow the prompts to confirm the transaction and wait for the tokens to be added to your wallet.


Step 5: Get PCCA rewards

Buying more ASROB gives you more PCCA rewards as you not only get ASROB on Polygon but also on BSC. Read all about PCCA rewards above or simply visit our documentation for more details


$ASROB token will be super deflationary and we have initiated supply reduction by burning 50.000.000 $ASROB before launchpad presale which will be worth $300k or more upon $ASROB DEX listing!

Ecosystem Partners

$ASROB is the first crypto that will be backed by 1% BTC/ETH reserve. 

We will invest 1% of our ecosystem total revenue quarterly into acquiring BTC/ETH and storing it in our reserve that will be public and verifiable by any member of our community on the polygon blockchain. We believe in the narrative of BTC as a store of value and ETH may flip BTC. The decision as to which of these kings of crypto we will invest our 1% of total revenue into will be made by ASROB holders through a DAO.

Community Focused

AstroShib is a community driven project that strives to evolve in compliance with our community - Because there is no developer wallet, the community is incentivized to work together to achieve it's common goals. Success will be achieved by focusing on improving the AstroShib brand in Globally, improve Defi & commit to charitable events, most especially amongst the increasing African crypto enthusiasts.

The AstroShib Ecosystem will ensure more utility for our native AstroShib token (ASROB) and keep our community actively engaged

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